Project Description

McArdle Skeath Case Study

About The Client

McArdle Skeath, Warehousing & Logistics company with multiple sites and a business that is extremely dependent on technology. Everything from wireless barcode scanning to the assurance that all transactions are audited is dependent on the reliability and security of the IT environment. Due to the type of clients, they deal with, compliance and documented process is paramount. Regular audits by their clients occur which means access to documentation and uptime of all systems is a key business requirement.

The Challenge

In McArdle Skeath, they were looking for an MSP (Managed Services Provider) provider to take their business to the next LEVEL. As they started to grow, they needed to ensure their service offering could be relied on, being on the go 365 days a year 24/7. When the COVID 19 pandemic hit, it was a particularly challenging time for the company that is reliant on office & warehouse operatives. Not being able to work as they normally would, Sync IT worked  alongside McArdle Skeath to ensure business productivity was high and their system levels were

Discovery Phase

Upon engaging with McArdle Skeath, we carried out a review of their infrastructure. This gives us an idea as to what level of security they currently have, and what levels they need to best suit their business. We did this by using our “IT Maturity” table, a level 1 to 5 plan that outlines exactly what levels of security they are at before working with them. Our engagement plans and support packages are to suit all levels of maturity. It helped us understand exactly what the business needs and how they can get the best ROI (Return on Investment) from us.

The Solution

  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium was deployed, giving all users access to a common, virtual desktop. This resulted in no more time being wasted on e-mail & Pc relating issues. Also, PCs were monitored and updated accordingly by us in line with our service offering ensuring their devices remained stable and never “broke down”.
  • Tablets were deployed across the staff that made them more efficient and increased productivity massively as with big deliveries coming in, they could scan and trace them, which guaranteed the business being able to work at a faster pace.
  •  With no real structure in place where staff could access key data (onsite & remotely) we ensured as part of their package they utilized the key features in their Microsoft 365 Business Premium package such as SharePoint and OneDrive. Sharing documents and files in a safe and secure manner within the business.

Technology Used

  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium Suite- Applications such as Word, Outlook, Excel & Teams, Collaborating, Communicating & Working Together.
  • Microsoft Surface – Portable tablets allowing users and engineers access files and documents on the go from anywhere – increased productivity immensely.
  • Microsoft SharePoint – Centrally manage diverse content with rich metadata, workflow, and access controls.
  • Microsoft Exchange – Hosted email with a 50GB mailbox across each staff member’s phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Promote the company using their own custom domain name. Manage personnel and company shared calendars for scheduling meetings and setting reminders.

The Outcome

  • A “peace of mind” when it comes to their IT support, knowing they can remain operational in the event of a disaster on site.
  • McArdle Skeath’s staff can find data and applications they require within 10 seconds.
  • McArdle Skeath became efficient and more flexible within their work environment, productivity increased, and unnecessary costs were cut


““Partnering with Sync IT as our virtual IT department works great for us. We can trust in the technology to support our business, and this allows us to focus our energy on delivering value to our customers”

Micheál McArdle , Managing Director, McArdle Skeath