Printers and Photocopiers

We are one of the North Easts most reputable suppliers of printers/copiers for all environments and pride ourselves on our quick response times. 

Our team of highly skilled technicians have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the highest quality of service. We have a wide service offering, from installation and maintenance and troubleshooting.

A look at some of the top-quality brand we stock:

  • Toshiba
  • Epson
  • OKI


Whether you are an educator or a business professional, you know how important it is to communicate effectively with your audience.

That’s why you need our interactive audio visual screens. These are not just ordinary screens, but powerful tools that can enhance your presentation, teaching, and collaboration skills.  

Some of the functionalities include; 

  • Display any content from your devices 
  • Interact with the content on the touchscreen 
  • Write, draw, erase, and save on the whiteboard 
  • Play audio and video files with the speaker 
  • Adapt the screen to any setting and purpose 

Laptops, Desktops & Monitors

We provide a range of laptops, surface devices and monitors to customers who have an IT Support contract with us. 

We also have agents pre-installed to protect against cyber-security threats acting in the background at all times. 

Remote Desktop Access: This means you benefit from our remote desktop access software pre-installed which gives us access to remotely support you in the event of a technical issue. 

Cyber Security Protection: We have agents pre-installed to protect your device from being hacked/corrupted through cyber-security threats. These agents are acting in the background at all times. 

Breakdown Cover: We offer a service call in the event of your device breaking/technical issues affecting it. We provide you with a temporary replacement until your device is fixed and all devices have a minimum 5 year warranty on them. 


Looking for a till system that suits your retail business & Hospitality? Our EPOS and till systems are the answer.

They are more than just cash registers. They are smart devices that help you manage your sales, inventory, and customers with ease. 

With our epos systems, you can: 

  • Take payments online and offline with various methods. 
  • Track every sale and stock movement in real time. 
  • Generate reports and analytics to understand your business performance. 
  • Connect with your customers and build loyalty with personalised offers, discounts, and rewards. 

Our till systems are designed with retail in mind, and they are tailored to your specific size and industry. They are easy to set up, customise, and use, and they come with full support, training and maintenance cover from our dedicated team.


Our Digital Signage are designed to bring your space to life. 

Showcasing dynamic content such as advertisements, company updates, and more, these displays transform your office into a vibrant, engaging environment.  

Elevate your workspace with our digital signage solutions and create an office that truly stands out.

Free Standing Screens 

  • Screens on a stand or base
  • Can be placed anywhere
  • Ideal for advertising and information purposes

Video walls 

  • Screens joined to deliver a large, seamless display
  • Great for creating impressive and immersive visuals
  • Transform offices into vibrant, engaging environments