Project Description

DkIT Case Study

About the Client

DkIT is the leading institute of technology of the North Leinster South Ulster region. Established in 1971, the I.T is now home to more than 6,000 students and over 500 academic staff. DkIT has 4 schools within it’s campus: School of Business and Humanities, Engineering, Informatics and Creative Arts and the Department of Health and Sciences. DkIT has been a client of Cusken Sync IT since 1999 and have helped facilitate the college over the years, from managing their print in the earlier years to more recently helping with a furniture fit-out such as specialised tables, desks, chairs and filing cabinets. The college recently unveiled a new extension of the Health and Science Building known as the “Jocelyn Bell Burnell Science Building” which is where our involvement with the college came in.


Finding a reliable and experienced office fitout company that could deliver high-quality products and services within a tight budget and timeframe was a challenge for the I.T. They needed a company that had the expertise and capacity to handle a complex and demanding project.

Coordinating the delivery and installation of desks and chairs with the construction and renovation works, ensuring minimal disruption to the academic activities and operations of the I.T was a top priority for them.

Choosing the right design and layout of the office furniture that would suit the needs and preferences of the staff, as well as the aesthetics and functionality of the new and refurbished spaces. The college had to consider various factors such as the size, shape, colour, style, and material of the desks and chairs, and how they would fit and match with the interior design and decor of the office areas.


The solution we offered to DkIT was to provide them with a range of high-quality office furniture that would suit their needs and budget. We supplied and fitted tables and Evo chairs, Nirem chairs, A-frame desks, modesty panels, shelving units, pedestals and group worktables. Here is a brief overview of each product:

  • Evo chairs: Are ergonomic chairs that offer comfort and support for various work types. They have intuitive controls, automatic tension, and long-term comfort. Evo chairs are good for education settings because they can suit different users and activities, such as studying or teaching. Evo chairs can also improve posture, reduce pain, and increase well-being. We supplied, delivered, and fitted out DkIT with Evo chairs and desks.
  • Group worktables: These are tables that enable collaboration and communication among the users. They have a flexible shape and a durable base that can be configured to suit different group sizes and purposes. They have integrated power outlets and USB ports that facilitate connectivity and device charging. They are excellent for creative brainstorming, problem-solving and teamwork.
  • A-frame desks: These are desks that provide ample space and stability for the users. They have a sturdy metal frame that forms an A-shape and a scratch-resistant wooden top that offers a smooth working surface. They also have modesty panels that create a more professional and private space. They are perfect for accommodating multiple devices and accessories, as well as for working on diverse projects and tasks.
  • Modesty panels: These are panels that attach to the front or back of the desks to create a more professional and discreet look. They also help to reduce noise and distractions in the office. They are made of high-quality metal or wood and come in various colours and sizes.

Staff & Employee Outcomes

The office fitout project for DkIT was a success for both themselves and us here at Cusken Sync IT. We delivered and installed the office furniture on time and within budget, ensuring the quality and compatibility of the products and services. The furniture we supplied and fitted not only improved the work environment for the staff, but also enhanced the learning experience for the students.

The Evo chairs and A-frame desks provided comfort and support for various work types and activities, such as studying, teaching, or researching. The group worktables enabled collaboration and communication among the students and staff, facilitating creative and critical thinking and problem-solving.

The modesty panels reduced noise and distractions in the office, creating a more professional and private space. The IT was very happy with the outcome of the project, as they received positive feedback from the staff and students, who appreciated the new and improved office furniture

Client Testimonials

Rita Mathews

DKIT Estates Officer

I have worked with Cusken Sync IT for a number of  years now, during this time I have found them to be a great asset in ensuring delivery and specialist advice that has been instrumental in the success of a number of projects. Their expertise and professionalism at all times has been exceptional,  I look forward to our continued collaboration”.