Project Description

Jocelyn Bistro Case Study

About the Client

Jocelyn Bistro is a steak and seafood restaurant located in Dundalk. It opened in November 2023 in a listed Georgian townhouse at Jocelyn Place. The restaurant offers a variety of dishes made with fresh, hand-picked seafood and steak cuts, as well as a brunch menu and a full bistro menu. Jocelyn Bistro aims to provide its customers with an unforgettable dining experience, combining the highest quality ingredients, impeccable service, and a luxurious and relaxing environment.

The restaurant has received positive reviews from customers and critics alike, praising its food, staff, and atmosphere. Jocelyn Bistro is one of the most popular and talked-about restaurants in Dundalk. Cusken Sync IT engaged with Jocelyn Bistro shortly before they opened. They required an EPOS System for their new venture.


Jocelyn Bistro wanted to provide their customers with a fast and satisfying dining experience, while also maximising their staff efficiency and productivity. However, they faced a challenge in finding a suitable till system that would meet their specific needs and preferences. They needed a system that would allow staff to easily manage table service, orders, payments, and inventory, without requiring a lot of time and effort to set up and train their employees.

They also wanted a system that would be reliable, secure, and user-friendly. They were looking for a solution to help them grow and scale their business into the future.

Given the critical nature of the EPOS system to the business operations, Jocelyn Bistro wanted the assurance of a reliable partner who partner to support and resolve their issue swiftly. Jocelyn Bistro required a partner who could understand their unique challenges and provide them with a tailor-made solution that would fit their budget and expectations. They wanted to trust in a local company who would support a fellow local business.


Cusken Sync IT supplied Jocelyn Bistro with a modern EPOS system utilising the latest technology to make their service faster, easier, and better. Our team set up SPOS Remote, a wireless tool that runs on Android devices and connects with SharpPOS, a smart software for restaurants. SPOS Remote lets the staff take orders from the customers at the table without having to go back to the till.

SPOS Remote has a graphical, flexible, and intuitive user interface that shows the menu. It also lets the staff change orders, print bills, manage tables and produce gift vouchers. The orders are sent to the kitchen and bar printers automatically, so there are no mistakes or delays and SPOS Remote is easy to use and learn.

SPOS Remote also connects with SPOS Cloud, a software that helps Jocelyn Bistro manage their sales, stock, and inventory. SPOS Cloud gives the Bistro reports and insights on their performance and helps them make informed decisions for their business.

Finally, Cusken Sync IT provided Jocelyn Bistro with a remote support contract which enables our support team to remotely view their devices if and when they contact us for support. Cusken Sync IT deploys agents to proactively monitor any issues that may arise. This is a perfect solution for a hospitality setting, as they may be having a minor problem with one of their handhelds that can be fixed quickly but does not require the time and resources a call out would entail.

Staff & Employee Outcomes

By using the till system, Jocelyn Bistro was able to improve their customer satisfaction, staff productivity, and business growth.

  • With SPOS Remote, the staff could take orders and payments from their handheld devices, without wasting time and energy running to and from the till to pay and the kitchen and bar to give orders. This reduced the chances of errors and delays and increased the accuracy and speed of service.
  • The customers appreciated the convenience and efficiency of the system and gave positive feedback and ratings to the restaurant.
  • The staff also enjoyed using the system, as it made their work easier and more enjoyable. They could focus more on the customers and their needs, and less on the technicalities of the system.
  • The till system was scalable and adaptable and could accommodate the growing and changing needs of the restaurant. Jocelyn Bistro was able to increase their revenue and reputation and become one of the most successful and popular restaurants in Dundalk.

Client Testimonials

Glenn McCourt

Jocelyn Bistro General Manager

“I can’t say enough good things about Cusken Sync IT! Their dedication to providing top-notch IT solutions is truly commendable. From the moment we engaged with them, their expertise shone through, making our IT challenges seem like a breeze. The team’s professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction are unmatched. Cusken Sync IT is definitely the go-to choice for all IT needs. Thank you for the exceptional service! Look forward to working with you again in the future”.